10 Tips That You Should Know in Sapiens

I will be covering what I consider to be the TOP 10 tips for a smooth, fun and successful Sapiens experience.

I hope these ten tips help you play sapiens smoothly and that you can crop the marvelous relaxing fun experience that majicDave has for us. Did I miss any tip or important information? Drop a comment so I can see it.

Tip #1 Choose the location you like best.

I recommend that you take some time to explore the different biomes, their characteristics and their difficulty, indicated by the tribe’s color icon.

After version 20.1 there are a total of seven different biomes to choose and five different difficulties. The different locations are : Tropical rainforest, Tropical savanna, temperate, Dry steppe, dry desert, Icey and Icey tundra.

The more you play, the blurrier the difficulty becomes, so don’t be afraid to try them all eventually. If you decide to play in a cold climate, try to locate a mammoth carcass or alpacas as soon as possible to keep your sapiens warm.

Tip #2 Check your tribe stats.

The number of starting sapiens and their abilities will speed up your progress significantly at the beginning.

Every Sapien comes with at least one attribute, having a nice combination of positive aspects can make your Sapiens experience a bit smoother. Invite every tribe that shows up, trust me you will need them

Tip #3 Check for soil and tree density.

I strongly recommend that you have a big batch of Rich Soil from the start, but in case

you don’t, don’t worry you can always dig it up from another place and bring it closer to you. It takes time but it is easy to do and will greatly help your community grow strong without fear of starvation.

If tree density is scarce, use cones or seed and make your own tree farm. Try to be self-sufficient and manage your resources in a way you can control their availability and restock.

Tip #4 Inspect your surroundings.

After choosing your tribe, pause the game and inspect your surroundings. Locate food, rocks, trees, flux and, if you are in a cold location, locate a mammoth carcass or alpacas as you will need their leather fast.

Tip #5 Invest in investigations as early as possible.

You should investigate sticks, rocks, hay, flux and planting as soon as possible to ensure the survival of your tribe. Rock knapping to make tools, fire lighting a steady source of light , thatched building to keep them safe and sound from the cold night and making enough beds for them to sleep are imperative on the first day so that your Sapiens can start in top condition the following morning.

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Tip #6 Make sure resources like food are undercover to slow down decay.

You don’t necessarily need to build enclosed spaces but at least some sort of roof will help you to prevent decaying due to rain and other adverse weather conditions. Cooked food always lasts longer than their raw counterpart, so I’d suggest you give a couple of sapiens the basic cooking role.

Tip #7 Keep track of roles every now and then to avoid idle sapiens.

Roles help your tribe be effective and do what you expect them to do. The more sapiens you have the more complicated it is to keep track of effectives roles, thus it is advisable that you get into the habit of assigning roles so that every aspect of your civilization is covered and everyone has at least 5-6 different activities. This can be done individually if you have that one group of sapiens you love, or from the roles tab to assign whoever is available for the task.

Tip #8 Make paths with safe rest areas: shelter, beds and food.

When you are planning on expanding or exploring resources that you don’t have close to you, you can create paths to speed up the process. Sapiens will move much faster on paths and it also helps keep things organized. If you don’t have rest areas hunger, cold, unhappiness and darkness may greatly affect the sapiens under these effects to the point of abandoning your tribe, getting sick or dying.

Tip #9 Don’t give too many tasks at once. Prioritize needs.

If you give them too many tasks at once, the logic chain of instructions becomes absolutely messy and it is going to be chaotic. You want to avoid this at all costs as it greatly reduces efficiency. You may want to cancel these orders, and set them again or wait until the previous task is done. Planning ahead is a good idea and monitoring certainly helps, if you see any idling sapiens you may consider giving them the proper role so that they can help the rest get things faster.

Tip #10 Take your time and be creative with buildings and your town.

City builders and colony simulators help you play god with your sapiens. All work and no play make Tom a dull boy. It is highly important that you also enjoy your time planning some decorations around town, playing with the organization, creating farms, storage buildings, playing with architecture from different civilizations, anything you feel like doing without fear of failure. Just the fun from learning by trial and error.

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