Beginner’s Guide to Tank Mechanic Simulator

In this guide i will share some basic info and some maybe unknown info or tricks i use personally some of the info may be very basic and already covered in the tour which i don’t remember

Basic Keybinds

1. Pressing E on your keyboard will color code the tank you’re working on.

Dark Red – Rust Removal Needed

Light Red – Sanding Needed

Yellow – Primer Needed

Blue – Painting Needed

Green – Finished

2. Pressing T will bring up the tablet if you have that unlocked

Extracting Tanks

Besides Extracting the main tank there are more things you’re able to find on the extraction field most of the time. this includes things such as guns from pistols to lmgs to rocket launchers and things like badges and binoculars. now without the drone upgrade these things may be harder to find on the extraction field but they still may be there.

Another thing is the items correlate to the tank you find if you find a MP40 and MG34 it is a German Tank. A PPsH and Mosin-Nagant it will be a Russian Tank. An M1 Garand an M1a1 or a 1911 then it will be an American Tank now those arent the only things you can find with the tanks there is more those are just basic examples


Repairing Tanks

Now buying each missing part for a tank when you come upon it is a pain trust me ik i did it for awhile but there is in fact a better way. While Hovering Over the tank press the middle mouse button to pull up the Radial menu go to tank options and then to tank Analysis and at the bottom it should say buy missing parts that will bring up the store page where you can buy every single missing part.

but hold on now there’s one more trick up my sleeve if you’re lazy like me and don’t want to grind down everything and primer then paint it you’d be tempted to buy the parts pre painted but no there is a better way. if you buy the parts rusted and then go to tank storage and outsource repairs on all the parts for them to be painted this will be a lot cheaper than buying them from the store painted. now you may have to wait a minute or two but the wait is worth saving thousands of dollars.

Tank Warehouse

The Tank Warehouse is a place to store your tanks no really who would have guessed but you may be like me who didn’t know how to find the tank warehouse no less put tanks into it. this became a problem for me when i finally ran out of room to put my tanks now i had purchased this upgrade long before this time so i totally forgot it existed.

You can move tanks into the tank warehouse by hovering over the tank you want to move pressing middle mouse button to open the radial menu and then pressing move tank and then tank manager

Once in tank manager you should see the option for tank warehouse if you have it unlocked you click on that and then at the top it should save move tank enable that and click the spot in which warehouse you want it to go into and boom its gone and moved into that warehouse but don’t worry you can visit your tank anytime you want

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