Dominion Tank Police (1988) Review


In the future, the police force is given special equipment to handle the increasingly dangerous criminal elements. Tanks. Unfortunately, these tanks don’t aren’t always as precise as the police would like. Collateral damage is just the price you have to pay to beat the criminals at their own game.


The overall plot content in Dominion Tank Police is equivalent to what would normally be in an episode of another series. Instead, the creators decided to stretch the already shallow storyline over 4 episodes. Unfortunately, this does not help the story to be more interesting or coherent. Before the viewer is able to determine what all the seemingly random events are leading up to, the series is over.

The show feels as if it starts and brings you right in the middle. Leona is the only female member of the Tank Police, and she’s trying to fit in as a new recruit. With the help of her friend Al, she constructs Bonaparte, her very own mini tank. At this point, Leona and the rest of the Tank Police pursue Buaku through his various criminal escapades.

Buaku, actually seems to be the main character of the show, despite being the villain. He’s the only character who seems to have any significant tie to the story, and he receives the majority of screen time. Whether or not all this was orchestrated or simply a result of shoddy character development, I’m not sure, but it’s rather unsatisfying.

Now, I enjoy mindless action and comedy, but, unfortunately, Tank Police doesn’t even deliver that. Typically shows that have such a dramatic deficit in the storytelling department will compensate with brilliant action or gut-busting comedy. This series shatters that stereotype by consistently failing across the board.

There are explosions galore, but unfortunately, they fail to deliver any sense of excitement. No attempt at all is made at realism. The police essentially destroy half the city every time they go on patrol and fail to capture a single criminal. It’s no wonder the hero seems to be the bad guy since the good guys are so incompetent. There is really no one to root for, and this lack of investment makes everything all the more boring.

The animation and music complement the lackluster quality made famous by the rest of the show. There is little worth mentioning of either, but the animation would have been passable, had there been other elements worth saving. The real low point is the character designs, which are simultaneously generic and hideous.


I can only imagine those obsessed with futuristic tanks enjoying this mindless, fun-less romp. There is neither style nor substance in this series, and the brevity of this review serves to emphasize the dearth of content and quality presented.

  • Audio: Ok dub. The rest is boring.
  • Video: Passable
  • Plot: What plot? Not even enough to be confusing
  • Style: Bland, uninteresting
  • Characters: No one really likable. No hero either.
  • Violence: Mild
  • Language: Moderate
  • Nudity: Mild
  • Genre: Action
  • Episodes: 4
  • Rating: 1.0 of 5

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