How Does Crew Procedures Work in Barotrauma

Before Mission Procedures
  • Ask the crew to type anything needed in chat (Useful for when you miss something or were not observing materials).
  • Make sure to organize each section of the ship so each item is easily accessible in the event of an emergency.
  • Assign roles to each person.
Mid-Mission Procedures
  • Have somebody patrolling around the ship to check on everyone (preferably you or an assistant).
  • Have your crew always wearing PUCS if possible (especially mechanics
  • Have one of the Engineers going around the ships and keeping all of the electrical devices in perfect condition. If there is down time the engineer can fabricate, or if you have two one can focus on fabrication and be provided a special task while the other does their primary work.
  • Keep one mechanic going around the ship repairing (use status monitor if possible) or have mechanics switch out after an interval after a certain amount of time (in my case 10 minutes). Once leaks have been identified both mechanic focus on them (this provides time for crafting and other tasks).
  • Most useful for filler tasks and special missions. I like to use the assistant to be my commander on field and report everything to me. Organization is also a good task for assistants with down time
Medical Officer
  • Have the medical officer organizing their cabinets when there is no emergency related to them or a special task requiring them. Then have them switch to said task.
Security Officer
  • Assign your security officer to gunning and fabrication of ammunition. Then have them switch to a special task once one appears.
Special Tasks
  • Monster Breach – Have security guards kill the monsters inside the ship as fast as possible to allow engineers to repair.
  • Diving (Body Retrieval) – Personnel Recommended: Security Officer (1-2), Medical Officer – Equipment: Sonar Beacon, Handheld Sonar, Weaponry, Diving Suits, Oxygen Tanks, Slipsuit or Underwater Scooter, Medical Supplies. – Have somebody monitor them on the ships guns if possible.
  • Diving (Mining) – Personnel Recommended: Security Officer (1-2), Medical Officer, + Extra idle personnel – Equipment #1 Regular, Combat or PUCS diving suits, harpoon guns (or other spare weaponry), medical supplies, plasma cutter, storage container or free inventory space, oxygen tanks. – Equipment #2 Slipsuit or combat diving suit, plasma cutter, oxygenite or oxygen tanks, handheld sonar, sonar beacon, weaponry, storage container or cargo scooter, underwater scooter (if no cargo scooter), spare batteries, flashlight, glowstick or flare.
  • Nest clearing – Personnel Recommended: Security Officer (1-3), Medical Officer (1-2), + Extra idle personnel – Equipment: Weaponry (medium to heavy), Medical Supplies, Grenades, Combat diving suits (or slipsuits), auto injector headset (if possible), flares, glowsticks, sonar beacon, oxygen tanks, and spare batteries (if possible), flashlight (extra for vision)
  • Beacon Station – (I’m not too experienced with these) Personnel Recommended: Mechanic, Engineer (1-2), Security Officer (if available) – Equipment: Light weaponry (if possible), wires, screwdriver, wrench, diving suits, oxygen tanks, welding tool, glowsticks, flashlight, light medical supplies.
  • Shipwreck – Personnel Recommended: Security Officer (1-3), Medical Officer, + Any idle crew that is capable – Equipment: Diving suits, Slipsuit or Combat Diving suit, Sonar Beacon, Oxygen Tanks, Weapons, Flashlight, Flares, Glowsticks, Plasma Cutter, medical supplies, batteries.
  • Pirate Ships – Personnel Recommended: Security Officer (1-3), Medical Officer, + Substitute with other crew if need be – Equipment: Body Armor (can switch with bandoleer if lacking space) or Combat Diving Suits, Automatic weapons, helmets, auto injector headset, oxygen if using diving suit, grenades, medical supplies, lots of spare ammo.

Always adjust to your crews needs, this just works for me and I created this so I could reference it.

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