How to Beat Catwoman’s Revenge in Batman: Arkham Knight

Breeze through the worst fight in the game by fighting by two rules.

Step One: Don’t Use Combo Abilities

Your goal is to clear the room of Riddlerbots as quickly as possible, but the issue is using Instant Takedown is actually pretty slow. The number of hits you could get in across several different Riddlerbots far outweighs the time it takes to ensure one is taken out of the fray. Not to mention that it can sometime unexpectedly push you into the electrified floor. While Instant Takedown helps manage large crowds due to ensuring your safety while eliminating an enemy, it isn’t the fastest way to clear a crowd.

Step Two: Make Every Hit A Crit

Probably the purpose of this part of the game is to see if you have the dexterity to time enough attacks perfectly to clear the room before the stage closes in on you.

Riddlerbots are easily taken down in two critical hits, making the most efficient way to clear them out two quick well-timed attacks. Make sure you’re always either attacking or countering, but don’t mash the attack or else you lose valuable damage. If properly timed, you can take out multiple Riddlerbots with critical hits in the time it’d take to use an Instant Takedown to destroy one.

These two steps heavily cut down the time it takes to clear out all the Riddlerbots, and when I played through using this I hardly noticed the floor hazard, much less felt pressured by it.

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