How to Get All Achievements in Beach Island

This is the Guide for People who just miss one of them

Top 3 Easiest Achievement

3. Thinking With Portals

2. Welcome to Beach Island!

1. Speed Runner

100% Star Achievement

Remember where you climb the tower of pipe thingy. After you got that star from there, Turn Around and Jump to the Left part of the platform, and that way you can do some parkour way to find the star.

There should be a Star within 2 Fans Where to part is Right Before you take the Rainbow Star from the Rock Platform, Go to the path from the Right Side and there should be there on your right, Also you might wanna Spam Shift and That way you can easily get that star.

There must be a Rainbow Star over by the Pipe as well, So you might jump down there from the north side around and you should just do parkour There just to get a Star.

It should be simple enough that where there was a Glass Platform, Go against that Purple stone wall thingy through the small sand path thingy just to get that star.

Secret Achievement

Once you start the game (Either Standard/Speedrun Mode)

Go to the Second Checkpoint and then you must do that parkour thing to your left like as shown the picture below

And then it should look like those types of easter egg things, Touch it to get the award.

Also the small box was a spoiler image in case if you wanna see it before you saw it.

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