How to Get All Achievements in Kiwi Clicker

Kiwi, kiwi or kiwi?


This guide presents a lot of spoilers. If you want to solve things yourself, would recommend not reading this guide.

Also this guide is probably not the most effective approach to how to play the game nor how to complete the challenges, but it works.

Transcendence Tree

These are the achievements earned by purchasing upgrades in the transcendence tree.


Kiwirriculum Vitae
Transcend and unlock professions

Transcend for the first time and unlock the first available node in the transcendence tree.

Bad Ratats
Unlock the kiwilashnikov gunner

In the transcendence tree, off to the left, you can unlock the Kiwilashnikov Clicker which will unlock this achievement.

A weapon worthy of a kiwingpin

Max the Kiwilashnikov Clicker for infinite ammo.

Control Freak
Achieve complete controls through the transcendence tree

Unlock all of the nodes on the bottom right of the tree.

Great Deal
Unlock Everything Multiplier

Purchase the Everything Multiplier that branches off of the Koin branch.

Wait, there’s More
Purchase the Everything Multiplier Multiplier that branches off the profession upgrade branch.

Underground Klub
Purchase your first Branch krown

There are five main branches in the transcendence tree for each station. Reach the upgrade of a branch and unlock the krown shaped node.

Long Live the Kiwing
Acquire all 5 Branch Krowns

Repeat the above for all five branches.

No Turning Back
Fully corrupt one of your stations

The more nodes you unlock within a given branch up until the Branch Krown, will make your stations more corrupt. Unlock all upgrades in the three paths including the krown to achieve full corruption for a station.

Kiwingdom no More
Fully corrupt all of your stations

Complete the above for all five branches.

Beginning of the End
Acquire your first Ki Piece

At the time of writing this, Ki Pieces are not implemented in the game, but the achievements are obtainable as the nodes already exist. After unlocking a Krown for a branch, you can unlock the bridge node. Off the bridge node will be a Ki Piece node available to unlock for 99999. Recommended to do this near the end of the game as it does not provide benefits currently.

Station Upgrades

These achievements merely require an upgrade of stations to a certain level.

Dennō Senshi Kiwigon
Activate Sekiwity’s protective shutter

This is the highest visual level of the Sekiwity station, so level it up until the shutters close. Around level 50.

Drip Kiwing
Reach the kiwi tier with a complete royal garb

This is the highest visual level of your Kiwi. Occurs around level 225.

Drip Kiwingdom
Reach maximum visual tier for all stations

Kiwi: Around 225

Car: Around 200

Bag Stuffer: Around 120

Sekiwity: Around 50

Exotikiwis (Koins): Around 30


Seasoned Professional
Unlock everything in a profession tree

Simply unlock all nodes of a profession.


Archers go BRRrrr
Fire 150 arrows in a single second

Best way to unlock this achievement is combining the Kiwilashnikov with a good amount of ammo along with the archery upgrades to speed up time to 300% as well as having the archery nodes for attacking the Kiwi, Sekiwity and Kings. Early game, you’ll get a ton of Kings spawning which means you’ll get a ton of arrows flying.

Or just use an auto clicker with archery profession.

The Painful End
Click a single Kiwing of Undeath 350+ times

The archery profession converts Kings into Kiwing of Undeath which means the Kings that spawn will take damage from clicks, then once their bars are maxed, they will remain for 8 seconds. So you have 8 seconds to get 350 clicks onto a Kiwing of Undeath.


Maximum Dosage
Feed a Kiwing of Thirst two Max Tier Potions

Optimal Solution
Have potions of Tier 2 or higher active on all stations

Pretty self-explanatory.

Yes-no, maybe
Switch the hunting season excessively

You will need two branch krowns in order to unlock the Archer Wiwi. Then pick the Alchemy profession and the Archer Wiwi and you will notice a sign that spots up next to the Archer Wiwi now. Just spam click that until you get the achievement.

Grand Necrophage

Have a single Kiwing of Plague spawn 20+ kinglings

This is probably one of the last achievements to do as you will need some pretty high levels. But what this achievement wants is to have the carpentry profession which will spawn Kings as Kiwing of Plague. Then while a Kiwing of Plague is active, every king that spawns will be a kingling (with a number of 10).

A Kiwing of Plague can have a max of 4 kinglings, and each kingling has a count of 10 that decreases for each delivery that hits the Kiwing of Plague. Only the last kingling gets damaged.

The key to this achievement is making sure you can completely control deliveries so that you don’t accidentally kill the first Kiwing of Plague. You can level up the Kiwi, Bags, Security, and Koins. For the Kiwi, make sure a single click does not result more than 1 delivery to make it easier to control.

Simply continue to make deliver to whittle away the kinglings. If you run out of kinglings, you will automatically stock up 5 around your kiwi to use if necessary. And if you run out of kinglings after that, then that means your koin ratio and the requirements to unlock kings probably needs to be leveled more.


Building a Future
Reach 2000% Fortify multiplier

Fortify builds up over time. You can unlock the profession nodes in carpentry to have fortify increase quicker, otherwise you will need to leave this up overnight. Fortify doesn’t increase when the game is closed.


Penances are unlocked once you get your first branch Krown. By completing a level of a penance, you will gain +10% to the amount of transcendence points you get from Kings.

Once you accept a penance, you need to transcend to start the penance.

Penance 1: The Ranking of Kiwings

Reach Penance Level 5 in ‘The Ranking of Kiwings’


Hunger Strike
P1 – Spawn a King you’re incapable of feeding

Just get to the end of penance where you can’t progress anymore.

Penance 2:Full Potion Alkiwimist

An Arm and a Leg
Reach Penance Level 5 in ‘Full Potion Alkiwimist’


P2 – You’ll need an extra hand to gain Koins now

Start Penance 2, and pick Archery or Carpentry as your profession then submit results.

Penance 3: Being an Archery Player

Mindless Kiwicking
Reach Penance Level 5 in ‘Being an Archery Player’


P3 – Low% Profession-skip (bad ending)
Run out of time without choosing a profession

Start Penance 5, then don’t pick a profession and let the 10 minute timer hit 0.

Penance 4: Koins All the Way Down

Reach Penance Level 5 in ‘Koins All the Way Down’


Kingling Rush

P4 – Achieve 200+ APM when you shouldn’t have

Start Penance 4, and immediately click until your multiplier hits 0 and submit.

Penance 5: The Ranking of Kiwings

Reach Penance Level 5 in ‘Koins All the Way Down’


No Koin?

P5 – Become incapable of buying upgrades

Start Penance 5, then pick Carpentry profession and unlock the auto buy feature. Get as far as you can and eventually your levels will get locked and the autobuy will run out of things to buy.

Penance 6: The Ranking of Kiwings

50% of my Power
Reach Penance Level 5 in ‘Level One for All’


Aight, Imma Head Out
P6 – Refuse to deal with being unable to upgrade anything

Start Penance 6, then immediately submit challenge results.



Pining for the Kijords
Put your first King to rest

Everytime the bar around the kiwi fills up, a King spawns. Defeat the king once it spawns.

Without further ado
Summon a King without ceremony

I actually don’t know how to get this guy, but seems to be very common. Only thing I can think of is if you get multiple kings to spawn, the second king might not have fanfare. Or if the king spawns by maxing out the alchemy or carpentry king slots.

One in a Brazillion
Eae parsa, firmeza?

Once you get your first branch krown, you can go underground. There is a 5% chance of a kiwi spawning on the right side of the kiwi pile next to the penance kiwi.


In order to change happiness for your kiwis, you will need to purchase the happiness upgrade that branches directly off of the profession node in the transcendence tree.

After that, there’s a translucent menu option at the top left with a face that allows you to adjust happiness levels.

Until Morale Improves
Keep your kiwis continuously miserable for 30 minutes

Set the kiwi happiness at the top left to Exploit for 30 minutes.

I am Altering the Deal
I guess it could still be worse

Set the kiwi happiness at the top left to Relaxed. Once the change is completed denoted by the progress bar on the menu icon, then change it to Overwork and let the progress bar finish.

Keep your kiwis continuously happy for 30 minutes

Set the kiwi happiness at the top left to Relaxed for 30 minutes.


Wiwi unlocks after getting 2 branch krowns and are mini versions of your professions. You also can’t stack the wiwi with the professions, so if you go Archery, you can’t pick the archery wiwi.

Wiwis will take 25% of transcendence currency you earn in a run as permanent exp to unlock bonuses.

I Choose You!
Hire your first pulpthirsty mercenary

Hire a Wiwi.

The Very Best

Satiate the hunger of a pulpthirsty mercenary

Max out your first Wiwi.

Some kinda Kiwicide Squad

Assemble a team of fully-satiated mercenaries

Max out all 3 of your Wiwis.

Unobtainable Achievements

These achievements have not been implemented in the game yet.

Shady Deals

Deal With It

Accept your first shady deal

Beyond Savings

Accept a maxed-out shady deal


We Who Hungered for Everything: KI_USURP

Ki, We Who Have Fallen: KI_VICTORY

Into the Brunch: KI_RUN_AWAY

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