How to Get All Achievements in Nonogram – Master’s Legacy

A comprehensible guide covering all 6 achievements in Nonogram – Master’s Legacy


Total Number of Achievements: 6
Online Achievements: 0
Offline Achievements: 6
DLC Required: No
Time: 10 minutes

  • Complete the “Introduction” sequence
  • Complete the Starter pack
  • Upload a puzzle to the Steam Workshop
  • Complete 50 community puzzles


First Blood

First Blood
Complete Introduction

This achievement is unlocked upon completing the first 5 levels of the Starter pack, which are Sea, Boomerang, Flower, Cross and Seagull, all of which are extremely easy and intuitive.


Finish Starter pack

This achievement is unlocked upon completing puzzle #15 (The End) in the Starter pack. You can skip all other levels of the pack and go straight for the last one (thanks to @q51‘s guide on AStats).Solution to level 15:


Sumbmit puzzle to workshop

Select the “Editor” section to open the level editor menu. Click on any of the squares in the center of your screen to create your puzzle, then click on “Publish Puzzle”. You will then be required to type in a name/description for your puzzle. After you’ve done so, simply click on “Upload”.

Beginner, Semi-pro and Expert

Complete 1 community puzzle

Complete 10 community puzzles

Complete 50 community puzzles

For those achievements, you can pick an easy puzzle from the community tab and complete it 50 times. This level by @lylat is very easy, as you only need to click on the center square.

After downloading the level through the Steam Workshop, open the Community Art tab, click on the icon in the top-center portion of your screen and select “Installed”. After that, complete the level a total of 50 times.

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