How to Get Certain Choices in BROK the InvestiGator

There are many choices in the game, and they can affect a lot of things – even moreso than you think. This guide will help you attain the choices you need to make to go down the branch you want – and ultimately attain the ending you want as well.


There are many choices in the game, and it can be confusing on how you can attain some of them – some of them has really low “% of players did this” which can leave people scratching their heads on how exactly to attain those choices to be able to go down that path.

This guide will help you go down those paths, even the obscure ones with really low percentages!

I have separated the guide into certain chapters as indicated in the game.

Be aware, however, this guide will obviously have

spoilersand is currently incomplete. If I have posted a choice branch with a missing choice, it means that I do not know how to attain that choice and will require some help. You will of course be credited for your assistance!

Before We Begin…

There are many choices that has icons next to the branches you have made. They will affect your stats and relationships.

Brains Up

The choice you made was clever, and as a result you are becoming smarter.

This will reduce your Violence stat.

Brains Down

Oof! That choice you made was really dumb, as a result you’ve lost some smartness. Try not to do it again, alright?

This will increase your Violence stat.


Sometimes violence is needed to get by in life, but it’s a good idea not to be TOO violent. The choice you made is quite a violent one, but sometimes it’s faster than using your smarts.

This will decrease your Brains stat.

(Character) has Died

The choice you have made has resulted in a death of a character. You will never see that character again in the story. Try to avoid this but sometimes it’s inevitable.

(Character) likes you Less

Ooh, looks like the character doesn’t like you very much after a choice you have made. They will likely make things harder on you by refusing to assist or even going as far as to stop you.

(Character) likes you More

Seems that the choice you have made has yielded some positive results – the character likes you more. They’re more likely to assist you, or make things easier.

Chapter 1

Get Rid of the Cleaning Bot


– Get the

Stickabove the

Musical Instrument and then use the Stick on the Cleaning Bot. Enter action mode and beat it up with the stick.


– Just beat up the Cleaning Bot! You’ll take damage but you should survive.

Tramp Attacked


– Beat up the Squealers!


– Either go back home or go up the elevator. Poor Tramp…

Tramp’s Fate


– After the Squealers has left, kill Tramp yourself.


– Don’t kill Tramp.

Sin’s Entrance Code

Enter the Code

– Enter the code. The code is 4098. Press the keypad in order: Left, left, middle, middle, right, right, middle, left, left, left.

Destroy – Beat up the keypad!

Bolt Saved


– After talking with Bolt and offering to help, go see Shay and ask her if she needs an assistant. Agree to her terms and then go back to Bolt.


– Ignore him after asking him to unlock the sorting console room.

Pyramid Lasers


– Open up the triangular panel near the entrance with a

Lever. Solve the puzzle within to disable the lasers. Supposing that the topmost circle above the circular O or X is the 12’o clock position and each adjacent circle in a clockwise direction is 2 hours ahead (2, 4, 6, 8, 10), the solution for each one from upper left to bottom right is: Black in 2, White in 12 and 6, White in 12 and 2, Black in 8 and 10, White in 2, White in 2, 4 and 6, White in 2, White in 2 and 6, and lastly White in 6 and 8.

With the next puzzle, you need to pick shapes that will make a triangle. The correct pieces are the ones that has sharp, triangular pieces. The ones you want are at the far right, the one to the left of the circular piece, and the two non-purple pieces at the left part of the console.

Note: This path is likely not possible if you have not picked up the Lever at Shay’s Garage.


– Treat it like a platformer and reach the end. Solving the triangle puzzle is not needed (you would need to beat up a lot of tribots).

Tribot Cop


– I think you should know this by now. Kill the Tribot Cop!

Out of Battery

– Go back

Homeand go up the elevator to grab the

Pred Toyif you haven’t already. Go back to Drumer Street and toss the Pred Toy into the

Fountain, and then quickly put it into the

Pipe-mail. Wait for the Pred Toy to swell up and then quickly use the

Apartment Keyon the

Power Socketwhile the Tribot Cop is distracted.

Open the Manhole


– You may have noticed that 6 of the buttons has varying number of red marks on them. Just tap buttons in sequential order starting at 1. Quite easy!


– Get into action mode and jump up and down on the manhole!

Sewers Mines


– Carefully cross the mines in action mode.


– If you haven’t done so already, go see

Shayand have her repair the

Broken Remote Control. With the now-fixed

Remote Control, you can use it to temporarily disable the mines. After you have done so, run across quick!

The Squealers


– Be threatening and then attack!


– Be threatening and then bluff. Back out and pick up the

Broken Mineon the ground next to the green goo in the sewers where you found the Squealers. Next, go

Homeand use the Broken Mine on the


Brok’s Hall to load it up. Go back to

Drumer Streetand have the

Pipe-maildiscard the loaded mine.

Defeat Sin


– Do the interrogation normally.


– Before you start the interrogation, go back to

Drumer Streetand buy some

Hot Juicefrom a vending machine. Go into the

Pharmacyand have the

Machine identify Sin’s Pill(you did get it from Sin’s apartment earlier, right?). Go back to Sin’s apartment and use the Hot Juice on the glasses on the table (not the one next to him) and then use Sin’s pill. You will automatically give him the drink, and then begin the interrogation normally when you’re ready.

Sin’s Robbery


– Denounce Sin.

Forgive– Forgive Sin.

What Happens to Bolt


– Kill Bolt anytime before you start your interrogation with Sin.

Taken Away

– Don’t help or kill Bolt before you start your interrogation with Sin.

Chapter 2 – Graff (First Exam)

Score Exam


– Ace the exam. The correct answers are: Do nothing, 11 and 24, Son in law, NOTHING, PU, Friend, 16, 3026 A.R. and Youthgain.


– Do decently at the exam to keep up with the director’s score requirement. Use a mix of correct and incorrect answers.


– Fail the exam.

Chapter 2 – Brok (Interrogation)

Interrogation Replies



– Pick silly responses. Say you’re a Dancer, for example.

Normal– Be honest with your answers.


– Go crazy with your responses. Say that you’re a killer. Say that Sin should die, so on.

How You Depicted Yourself


– When Wes asks you if you’re a killer, say you’re not.


– When Wes asks you if you’re a killer say you are.

Chapter 2 – Brok (Escape from Jail)

Cheer Up Sin


– Cheer him up!


– Or don’t.

Escape from Jail


– Keep beating up the sink until R.J. has had enough and opens up the cell to fight you. Knock him out.


– This is a long one. Grab the

Cat Fur from the drain. Talk to

Sinuntil you have exhausted all options, and then call for

R.J.ask him to forgive Sin (but to no avail). Talk to Sin and he should have an option to be able to change his room’s furnishings. Have him change his room into a bathroom, and click on his sink twice. Have Sin call for R.J and tell him that there’s something wrong with the sink. While R.J. is fixing the sink, place cat fur on his hat.

After R.J. is knocked out, you’ll notice quarter circles at the edges of your room. To enable them, tap on the panel that shows 3 lines, and then click on the book icon on the screen. Let it download, and check the book again. Flip to page 3 and you’ll notice some pattern that looks very similar to the quarter circles in your room. Step on the circles in order (bottom left, top right, bottom right, top left). You’ll see a new bug icon. Click on that.

Move the floating disc over to Sin’s cell at the top and push against the bars. It will fizzle out and knock down his camera. Do the same to your own. Then use the floating disc to tap on your own cell’s panel. You’re finally free!

Escape Police Department


– Just have one of the Tribot Cops spot you as you’re trying to escape.

No Alarm

– Use the

Remote Control(remember that thing?) to disable the Tribot Cops to make your escape.

Successfully Escaped


– Take longer than 15 minutes.


– Take less than 15 minutes.

Chapter 2 – Graff (Science Fair)

Klay Bickering

Fight– Punch Klay.


– Don’t punch Klay.

The Inventions


– Repair your experiment.

Mess Up

– Try to sabotage Klay and Stubot’s inventions.




– Is this one even possible? At this time, 0% of players has gone down this branch.


– Fight off the Drone.


Brok Arrived on Time


– Take longer than 15 minutes while trying to escape from jail.


– Take less than 15 minutes to escape jail.

Score Fair


– Successfully repair your experiment or sabotage Klay and Stubot’s experiments.


Chapter 2 – End of Day

Explanation Given


– Tell Graff the truth of what you have been doing.


– Lie to Graff about what you were doing.


– Just ignore Graff.

Prepare Dinner


– Use a bad combination of ingredients. Cat Hair and Ants are two good items to use. Use whatever for the third.


– Use a good combination of ingredients. Antburger, Helios Energy Drink and Pampalos Fruit will get you a good combination.


– Use an excellent combination of ingredients. Antburger, Helios Energy Drink and Goat Cheese will do.

Selfie with Graff

Yes– Ensure your relationship with Graff is at 55% or higher. This is easily done if you are nice to Graff and attend his science fair on time.


– Ensure your relationship with Graff is at 54% or lower. Just be cruel to Graff. But would you really want to do that???

Fight Against Dee


– Fight Dee and win. When she asks you to fight her again, do so.


– Have Dee win. To speed up the process, get your HP low enough on the spikes in the arena.

Gave Up

– Fight Dee and win. When she asks you to fight her again, refuse.

Nightmare Fight

Brok Captured

– When you are fighting the Tribots in the nightmare, step on the triangle panels and wait under the cage.

Brok Killed

– Have Brok be killed during the nightmare. Speed up the process by stepping on landmines.

Enemies Captured

– When you are fighting the Tribots, step on the triangle panels and DON’T wait under the cage.

Enemies Killed

– Destroy the Tribots!

Child Graff


– Step on the landmines surrounding Graff. How could you?!


– Carefully go around the landmines to save Graff.

Run Away

– Just run away from Graff.

Chapter 3 – To Be Continued

To be continued…

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