How to Manage Loot in Sea of Thieves

This Mini-Guide is here to teach you that Loot Management is a super important tactic to help you sell loot not only easier, but also have an easier time keeping track of items in hot moments such as being attacked.

Why loot mangement is important

Loot Management brings a ton of benefits for an extra couple minutes of work on your end.

  1. You’re able to separate more expensive treasure from the more cheaper treasure, meaning when you dock up and are going to sell, you and your crew have easy access to the more expensive treasure, to get them sold asap.
  2. You’re able to separate Emissary Loot from other loot, for an example as a Gold Hoarder Emissary, you will earn more loot from Gold Hoarder loot, than Merchant loot as you will earn the Emissary Bonus when selling as a Gold Hoarder Emissary, so you want to separate them from the other loot so you can sell them first easier and faster.
  3. Some treasure are dangerous and/or are fragile, and need to be looked after properly, so bundling them with regular loot can result your ship being sunk or the treasure being destroyed.
  4. Due to the size of some loot, they can blend in with the ship or even clip into it’s floor, you can use this to your advantage to hide them.
  5. You can keep track of loot easier in case someone plans to steal your loot via rowboat or if you’re being attacked by their ship.

How you should seperate your loot into piles

Where you put your loot is up to your and your crew, but you should never bundle everything together as it makes tracking more important loot harder and making it harder to sell.

Always make separate piles of loot you find in Sea Of Thieves.

  • Gold Hoarder Pile
  • Order of Souls Pile
  • Merchant Pile
  • Athena Pile
  • Reaper Pile

These are the main piles my crew and others often use, however depending what you have on board, you might want to make new piles, for an example if you want to farm for Shipwrecked Chests, it might be wise to separate them from normal Gold Hoarder loot so you can sell them as soon as possible.

If you’re a Reaper, piles aren’t need as much like the ones listed above

However you might want to pile up all the smaller loot together, like skulls and coffers, or larger loot with other large loot like with Chests and Crates of Silk, it doesn’t matter as much since you’re only selling to one person, unlike other Emissaries, yes I know The Sovereigns exist, but selling to them don’t count towards some Milestones which some players (like myself) want to complete.

Special loot you want to separate from the others

Some loot shouldn’t be bundled with other loot due to their rarity, how fragile they are, or how dangerous they are, there are some locations you can place these items on your ship to make sure they stay safe.

Gunpowder Kegs

You should never have Gunpowder Kegs on your ship unless.

  1. You need them for a Commendation or Voyage
  2. You’re planning to sell asap

Kegs are extremely dangerous as they can instantly kill you if you’re close enough, and the rarer Stronghold and Athena Kegs can wipe out entire crews and their ships with a single blast, so it’s a very high risk high reward treasure.

Regular Kegs should be avoided as they have 0 benefit to be sold other than Merchant Voyages, that’s the only time you should EVER have them on your boat.

Stronghold and Athena Kegs however can be sold for a lot of gold as an Emissary and they have Commendations tied to them, however only bring these to your boat if you’re going to sell asap.

Kegs should go into the crows nest, nowhere else, as anywhere else they can be set of by anything, from a misclick sword swipe, a Kraken’s Swipe attack, to well placed cannon shot and more.

Also while in the crows nest, it might be wise to bring some treasure chests to block them from view, as the chests can absorb gunshots that would trigger the Kegs.

There is no safe place to put Kegs, but the best for now is in the crows nest (or on someone else’s boat!)

Chests Of Legends

A highly desired item and targeted by a lot of thieves, you want to hide this somewhere it’s either well hidden or takes a while to get to.

The best places for me are on the bottom deck of your ship at the very front, as it gives you and your crew more time to attack any intruders who are on your ship .

You might even want to make a special pile just for this chest with random bits of loot you have found to keep it covered, however this isn’t guaranteed to work as the shape of the chest often makes it stick out and make it touchable by enemies in most piles.


Snakes hate everything that moves, and will bite and spit at you whenever your close causing poison damage, in addition to any other animals including other Snakes you have on board can take damage from Snake attacks, but they do like one thing, music, so play some music whenever you need to pick them up to chill them out for a bit.

The best place to put Snakes is on the Bowsprit, far away from the crew and any other animals on board.

Snakes can also be used as guards for ladders if you’re planning to go onto an island, as they will hiss and spit at intruders that come on board, just remember to play some music before you come on board!


Pigs are easy to accidentally kill and make a ton of noise, the best place to put them is in your ship’s Captains Quarters on the Sloop and Galleon, while on Brigs, there isn’t a really safe place to put them sadly.

Pigs unlike Snakes or Chickens need feeding, they will start crying when hungry, and you can feed them fruit like bananas to make them happy, make sure you feed them as they will die if you don’t feed them intime.


Chickens don’t need any maintenance unlike Pigs, and only need to be brought on board, like with Pigs, they’re fragile and thus the best place to put them is in the Captains Quarters.

Chest Of Rage

There are two places you can put your Chest Of Rage.

Firstly is the most popular one and requires some maintenance, and that’s on the Ship’s Bowsprit, when it gets angry and unleashes it’s fire, you can bucket the Bowsprit before the fire spreads onto the main deck, just a heads up that other ships can steal the chest via a harpoon.

And Secondly this one requires a set up but doesn’t mean you have to deal with the chest exploding, get out of your boat and bucket some water from the ocean into the ship, around 6-8 buckets should do, and now there’s enough water to keep the chest cool and from overheating in the ship’s bottom deck.

Just remember with the second option to bail out the water before you get into a fight and move the chest, as you are easier to sink with the extra water below deck.

Crate Of Plants

The Crate Of Plants degrade overtime, however you’re able to stop this by having the crate placed in water, so the best thing to do, like with the Chest Of Rage, you should bucket some water into the ship, 6-8 should do the job, then place the plants in the water.

Crate Of Rum Bottles

Crates Of Rum can be damaged by literally anything, the simple act of jumping damages them, so you need to place this treasure in your ship’s Captains Quarters in a corner so they have the least chance to be hit by attacks from enemy pirates and cannonfire.

Remember when delivering these items, jump into the water and use a nearby ladder to get onto a pier or walk to a beach to deliver this item.

Crate of Luxurious Cloth

Crates Of Cloth are vulnerable to water and will start to rot in contact with water, keep these items in the Captains Quarters and on somewhere of the ground incase you start flooding, place these on a shelf or the Captain’s Table.

These crates even rot in rain, so be careful while in storms!

Broken Emissary Flags

Due to their size and height, Broken Emissary Flags can hide in spots either tactically or by accident, to avoid the latter, place these flags under your ship’s main mast, for the Brigantine it’s the back mast, while the Galleon it’s the middle mast, the wood used to hold the mast is big enough to hide Broken Emissary Flags from view, right now it’s the best spot to hide any Broken Emissary Flags as it’s super easy to get to and super easy to use if someone is eyeing up your loot.

Mermaid and Siren Gems and Breaths Of The Sea

All of these items can be sold to anyone, you should sell them as the Emissary you’re playing as obviously, however if you can also sell these to the Hunters Call which give a lot more reputation compared to Fish, so if you want to level up Hunters Call a bit faster than normal, you might want to put these on the side to sell to them, especially selling Breaths Of The Sea on Gold and Glory weekends or Community Days to the Hunters Call will sky rocket you in levels.

Avoid massive stacks

Seen something like this? Maybe on Reddit? The Forums? YouTube? Don’t do this.

  1. You are asking to be sunk, either by a ship or some random encounter like a Kraken, sell all of that loot asap before you lose it all!
  2. Server Stability, the more treasure is on the server, the more unstable the server becomes, and having huge hoards like this can really cause the game to struggle, and even at times cause the server to crash!

Listen, Le Epic Reddit Gold is tempting, but don’t do it, sell your stuff asap!

When should you sell your stacks?

You should to aim to sell the stacks on the following.

  1. If you started as an Emissary, as soon as you reach level 5.
  2. If you’re doing World Events or Voyages that rewards a lot of loot or rare loot, such as a Gold Hoarder Vault or Veil Voyage, sell for every 2 you do, or as soon as possible if you’re close to an Outpost.
  3. If you feel like you’re hoard is starting to get a bit big, go and sell as fast as you can.
There’s only one time you should do a massive stack

Priotising your loot

Some loot should be sold straight away before others due to their danger or rarity, this is the type of list you and your crew should be following.

Sell Straight Away
  • Stronghold/Legendary Kegs
  • Chests Of Legends
  • Cursed Chests
  • Ashen Winds Skull/Reapers Bounty
  • Extraordinary/Remarkable Captain’s Logbook (highest tiers of Captain Logbooks)
  • Broken Emissary Flags
  • Chest Of Tribute
  • Merchant Manifests
  • Breath Of The Sea
  • Stronghold Chests/Skulls
  • Ghost Captain Skulls
Stuff That Can Wait
  • Mermaid/Siren Gems
  • High Tier Regular Emissary Loot (Captain’s Chest, Villainous Skulls, Spices etc)
  • Damned Loot
And then everything else in order of rarity

So like sell Seafarer Chests first instead of Castaway Chests for an example.

Your loot sell order might change depending on your ship, due to Commendations or depending on the situation where some loot might be damaged due to outside forces (players, npc or weather), however most of the time, you want a list like I put above.

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