One Piece Chapter 1053 Full Summary and Breakdown

One Piece Chapter 1053 has officially been released on June 19, 2022. The manga chapter is currently available on Viz and Manga Plus.

Chapter 1053 of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga series is titled “The New Emperors“.

Spread 1/12

The first spread of the chapter was set in the Holy Land of Mary Geoise. One of the elders is mad upon seeing that the newspaper includes the “D.” The marine tried to contact the printers, but they failed. Morgans, on the other hand, started the distribution of the newspaper as he didn’t want the world government to cover up the real story that happened in the land of Wano.

Spread 2/12

The next spread starts with Morgans who is thrilled about what’s happening. Everyone around the world had already received the news and was shocked to see that Big Mom and Kaido had been defeated. A new wanted poster of Luffy, Kid, and Law has also been released, featuring their new bounties. The three captains during the fight against the two Emperors of the Sea got the same bounty of 3,000,000,000 Beli.

The crew members were also shocked to see the bounty of their captains. Apoo asked why Kid suddenly left. Killer told his fellow crew members that they had to go to the Flower Capital as he knew what their captain was thinking. Law also appeared in the chapter and commented that things were getting complicated.

Spread 3/12

The third spread is just a preparation for the banquet in the Flower Capital. Jinbei was left alone in the castle with all the food that was prepared for the crew, but Luffy and the others had already left for the main capital. Jinbe appreciates the effort of the one who prepared the banquet.

Spread 4/12

The fourth spread shows that the party has started. Luffy, Chopper, and Yamato were the highlights of this page. They were all seen having fun while enjoying the food of the celebration. Hiyori and Brook also make things more interesting as they start playing the music liked by Oden. People go crazy upon seeing the beauty of Hiyori.

Spread 5/12

The fifth spread was set in the castle basement. Robin was checking the Kokeshi Dolls when Hitetsu arrived. Hitetsu said that she was looking at her personal collection. Robin was shocked and confused at the same time. Robin’s confusion rises as Hitesu tells her that he was imprisoned down there for a number of years. Robin asked why Hitetsu was imprisoned as he was a swordsmith. Robin also asked who he really was. Before answering Robin’s question, Hitetsu told her that he only took smithing because he had a talent for it, but it was just a plain hobby. Hitetsu added that governing is such a tedious job.

Spread 6/12

The sixth spread sees Hitetsu removing his mask and revealing his real identity. It turns out that he was Oden’s father, Kozuki Sukiyaki. Robin asked if Momonosuke knew about this secret. Hitetsu says that his grandson doesn’t know about it and he doesn’t intend to tell him. With all that happened, he’s the one who put Orochi into power. Hitetsu also revealed that when he managed to escape, Oden was already dead and the Wano Country had already changed a lot.

Spread 7/12

In the seventh spread, Robin interrupts Hitetsu and inquires whether the ancient weapon, Pluton, is still in the Wano Country.It was, according to Robin, what the Poneglyph was saying. Without any hesitation, Hitetsu confirmed that Pluton was indeed in the land of Wano.

Spread 8/12

In the former Prison Mine in Udon, the trees and flowers have bloomed once again. The crew members of the Beasts Pirates were spotted to be almost lifeless. In addition, the All Stars of the Beasts Pirates are also being drained by something. It turns out that their strengths are being sucked by someone from the navy.

Spread 9/12

The 9th spread of the chapter finally reveals that the person was a navy admiral. It was Admiral Ryokugyo, aka Aramaki. His devil fruit is yet to be revealed, but it is something related to plants that can absorb nutrients once in contact. The admiral called someone using the denden mushi and asked to take a warship over the Wano Country.

Spread 10/12

Back at the Flower Capital, Luffy stood on top of a platform and shouted to cheer for the alliance. Luffy recognized that they had fought well during the battle. Momonosuke was also watching Luffy while celebrating. Kid appeared shortly after and went straight to Luffy. Kid was about to attack Luffy, but the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates stretched his arms and grabbed Kid.

Spread 11/12

Luffy was celebrating on top of the platform while grabbing Kid. The crew members of the Straw Hat Pirates, the Minks, the Daimyos, and the other citizens were all happy. It is worth noting that Kinemon and his wife raised their glasses to participate in the celebration.

Spread 12/12

In the final spread of the chapter, the Heart Pirates and the Kid Pirates were also spotted having some fun. Kid told Luffy that he didn’t want to enjoy it as he was there to kill him while showing the new wanted poster. At the same time, Kid said that the government had announced the names of the four new emperors of the sea. “Red-Haired” Shanks, “Straw Hat” Luffy, “The Bombastic Clown” Buggy, and “Blackbeard” Teach were the new emperors. The scene shifts back to Admiral Ryokugyo as he casually walks towards the Flower Capital. Admiral Ryokugyo noted that the marines are not in a good mood knowing that the world is in a real mess due to recent events.

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