The Chronicles Of Myrtana Archolos – Hidden truth Achievement Guide

Learn how to discover the real Beast of Archolos.

Learning the truth step by step

You need to find 6 out of 11 available clues.

Clue #1 Refuse the beer before the hunt.

Clue #2 Found bow and quivers.

Clue #3 Found used mana potions.

Clue #4 Found transform scrolls to the right of Rudi’s dead body.

Clue #5 When talking to hurt Gerke choose dialogue

“Gerke, what happened?” and then “Did you see the Beast?”Clue #6 When inspecting Allan’s corpse you need to inspect his wounds (not the horn).

Clue #7After first choice of dialogue with Detlow you need to choose “How are we supposed to get there?” and then “What about the reward?”.

Clue #8During dialogue with Detlow after defeating The Beast you need to choose “Why was this beast wearing some bits of armor?”.

Clue #9 and 10Talk to Detlow during the party in Silbach: “We must tell everyone the truth about the Beast.”“Any idea who might have tried to put me down before the hunt?”Clue #11

Found a cage to the west of Bermar’s farm on the beach.

(after the party in Silbach)

After finding at least 6 clues talk to Detlow at his house in Old City.

You should have this dialogue option: “Too many things don’t fit here…”

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